How Being a Mommy of Two makes me a better Parent of One

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2017)
As I was playing with Joy the other day and as Faith’s second birthday approaches, I was thinking of the person I have become since Faith died.  I can speculate all day about the type of parent I would have been if they both were here, but that is not the case.  At the end of the day, I miss Faith so very much.  But I know in my heart that having her for the short time that I did, has made me a better person all around and for sure a better parent to Joy.  I can’t count the number of times I kiss her and tell her that I love her in a day.  Most of the time, I walk in a pretty good amount of patience.
Do not get me wrong.  In no way am I saying that others with children who haven’t lost a child love their children any less.  I am simply stating that I believe I love and mother Joy differently and better than I would have if it would not have been for Faith.
One might say that since Faith is not here with us, I am able to share the love I have for her with Joy, loving Joy “doubly”.  I believe this is the case.  I can only love Faith in my heart, so I believe it is her gift to Joy have that special love expressed from me since Faith cannot be here with us now.
All in all, I truly believe that I am a better mother to Joy because of Faith.  I love and miss Faith more and more with each passing day and will continue to do so.  I know in my heart that this missing and loving Faith, helps me to be a better mommy to them both and a better mother to Joy than I would have been without Faith.

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