The Very Beginning, A Very Good Place to Start

The Very Beginning
(Last Updated On: October 27, 2017)

The Very Beginning, A Very Good Place to Start

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Julie Andrews says it best in The Sound of Music when she says “Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start…”.  So, on that note, I am starting at the very beginning of our life together as man and wife.  It has been quite a wild ride since we have been married in 2005, but a wonderful one that I wouldn’t trade for anything.  I married my best friend and I wouldn’t want to share my life with anyone else.

The Very Beginning

My husband, Owen, and I were both led to attend the same church and met in August of 2003 in Tampa, FL. To make this long story short, we were both dating other people at the time we met.  Needless to say, were both going through some rough personal trials in those relationships.

Not long after we met, at church one day, Owen mentioned to me that they were looking for a bookkeeper/receptionist where he worked.  He and asked if I would be interested in the job.  I interviewed for the position, and got it!  Once I began work, we started commuting to and from work together, as a result, became best friends, and the rest, as they say, is history.

On the Move

In addition to working together, after some time, we began doing ministry work together and decided to move to Albuquerque, NM to continue our ministry work.   After our one “official” date, Owen asked me to marry him.  In September of 2005, we were married, with a good number of our family and friends in attendance.  It was a great blessing to us to have my dad take our pictures and my mom make our wedding cake!  I made the flowers, with the help of my sisters, as well.  It doesn’t hurt to have some professionals in your family!  HA!

We were so excited to start our life together as husband and wife because we knew that God had brought us together and had a very special plan for us.  Little did we know that our journey together would entail so much!

Since we got married, Owen and I have moved 5 times:

    1. Albuquerque, NM to Tampa, FL
    2. Tampa to Ft. Worth, TX
    3. Ft. Worth, TX to Poulsbo, WA
    4. Poulsbo, WA to Tampa, FL
    5. Tampa, FL to IL (current)

Settling Down

We have been asked many times if we are a military family because of our moves, but we are not.  Nope, actually, we both just have a travel gene that we need to feed, LOL!  Since we have had Joy, we ended up moving to a small country town in IL.  She has many cousins here, which was a very important contributing factor to our decision.  Along with that, It is a small, simple, fun, and relatively safe place to live and raise a family.

4 thoughts on “The Very Beginning, A Very Good Place to Start

    • Sbryant1 says:

      Thanks, Darla. I am glad to hear we are not the only ones who need to travel! We have found our happy home base area for sure. We are renting right now while searching for exactly where we want to own (hopefully in the next few years). Thank you for stopping by Polkadots & Plaid. I hope you visit again soon!

  1. It’s amazing how things turn out! I would LOVE to travel and meet new people, (so jealous!) I have two boys, so it would be next to impossible now days! Congrats on your success story! And I LOVE the name Joy! So small but with such big meaning!

    • Sbryant1 says:

      Thank you, Kaylee! It is indeed amazing how things turn out. We still love traveling, and do when we are able. Thank you, we really love the name Joy, and it fits her to a tee. Blessings to you and I hope to see you again soon!

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