Friday Evening Family Fun in the Country

Friday Evening Fun
(Last Updated On: September 17, 2017)

Friday Evening Family Funfriday evening family fun

Friday evening family fun in the countryThis post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more information. 

We had a wonderful time this evening; certainly a Friday evening family fun time!  Owen fired up the grill to cook some chicken and we all enjoyed the lovely cool breezy evening. I got out Joy’s Crayola 24 Count Sidewalk Chalk (51-2024-E-000), which we really like, and we had a great time drawing on the concrete (and the fake deer in the front lawn!).

Friday evening family fun in the countryThere are some bright new pretty colors in this box, along with the great original colors.  This chalk is GREAT for a toddler (or anyone)!  It is big enough for Joy to grab and hold onto well when she draws.  This particular Crayola chalk is also very sturdy and doesn’t break easily, which is an added plus with a toddler.  The colors are bright and draw great on concrete, cardboard, or even a brown paper bag!  I highly recommend this product if you are looking for a gift for a toddler for hours of outside drawing fun.

Baby Corn

Joy also had a blast just walking around the yard discovering sticks and looking at the “baby corn” in the field that surrounds our yard.  Ever since the corn has come up, we walk out to the field, holding hands, to look at the baby corn.  It is so sweet to watch Joy’s reaction to the corn and to the birds that come to drink the water in the field.   We have so much fun watching Joy learn new things and discover.  She constantly wants to go outside, walk in the yard, look at animals, look at trees and plants, etc…

Garden FunFriday evening family fun

This evening Joy had a great time moving dirt around in our garden.  We got such a kick watching her do her gardening.  She has such enthusiasm and creativity when she does things.  She would pick up dirt from beside the little garden by our house and put it in the pot with the pepper plants.  Then she would go back for more.  It was truly a joy to watch our little gardener at work!  She is so smart and attentive.  She watches us work outside in the garden so she wants to help and do the same things we are doing.  It is so wonderful to watch her learn and grow.  She LOVES being outside and helping Mommy and Daddy with what they are doing!

After she was finished adding dirt to the pepper plant pot, she moved on to the one with cabbage in it.  I am thrilled to have pots that belonged to my Grandma Dooly.  They are a great addition to our little garden.  I know she will continue to enjoy helping with our garden as it grows.  We look forward to watching her grow with our garden and her love for gardening grow at the same time.  This little girl can move some dirt around like a professional!

Grilling FFriday evening family funun

My husband, Owen, is a master griller.  He loves grilling and creating new amazing food at the same time!  This evening he did a chicken only grilling session, which was great.  It made it simple for him after a long days’ work so he didn’t have much prep work to do for this session.  The flavor of the grilled chicken was perfect.  I know we will have many more of these wonderful grilling sessions before the season is over!  What a great way to end a beautiful day, outside on a spring night, with our little family enjoying the sun, the breeze, and the aroma of chicken on the grill.  We look forward to much more Friday evening family fun in the country times!

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