Tasty Treat Smoothie – A Simple Step by Step Guide

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(Last Updated On: September 17, 2017)

Tasty Treat Smoothie Machine – Step 1

Simple Smoothie Guide

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Since I have been neglecting having smoothies lately, I made myself a tasty treat smoothie yesterday with our Ninja Professional Blender & Nutri Ninja Cups (BL660).   If you are going to make smoothies, I highly recommend that you invest in a smoothie maker versus just a regular blender.  They are high powered and make your smoothies very…um…smooth, HA!

We really don’t use recipes for our smoothies, although I have found a lot that I would like to try.  We generally just put in whatever sounds good and what we have on hand.  For this smoothie, I used three very ripe bananas (like you would use in banana bread).  From a health aspect, the riper the banana is the better it is for you.  Then I added a few whole frozen strawberries and a handful of frozen blueberries.  I topped it off with some organic rice (+ barley, peas, lentils, and apple pieces) cereal that I made for Joy a day or two ago that I didn’t want to waste.  As we say in our house, “Why waste it when you can taste it?”

Mix It Up – Step 2

After I added my ingredients, then I put on the blade and snapped the cup into place on the Ninja.  I then make sure the power is on and select the setting I want to use.  Generally speaking, I select the Ultra setting and then the Puree setting after that, since I like my smoothies very, well, SMOOTH!  If I wanted to chew the ingredients, I would just eat them separately!  HA!

Enjoy! – Step 3

Once I finished blending my smoothie, I simply poured it into my smoothie cup and enjoyed it!  Clean-up is a snap, as we just rinse well with hot water after each use.  Then I wash the cups with hot soapy water almost daily depending on use.  Make yourself a tasty treat smoothie today and be sure to use a smoothie maker such as the Ninja Professional Blender & Nutri Ninja Cups (BL660)!  If you prefer to start out with a smaller smoothie maker, I highly recommend the Magic Bullet NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System.  It is the smoothie maker we had prior to the Ninja, and makes great smoothies as well.

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    • Sbryant1 says:

      Hi Kenyatta. Yes, ma’am. Plus they are sweeter too, so you really don’t need to add anything else to sweeten your smoothie if you use ripe bananas. Sometimes we use honey if we aren’t using a banana or if they aren’t very ripe. Thanks for stopping by!

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