Simple Joy – Window Block

Simple Joy Window Block
(Last Updated On: September 16, 2017)

Seek Simple Joys

In this life, we need to take time out to see and truly relish in the simple joys.  I will post many simple joys as I encounter them in my life.  Please share the things that bring you simple joy!  The first simple joy I am sharing with you is what I lovingly refer to as our window block.

The Window Blocksimple joys window block

During a recent toy clean-up time before Joy goes to bed, I couldn’t find one of her wooden blocks.  We had been playing with the blocks earlier in the day.  Anyone who knows about wooden blocks knows that it HURTS to step on one on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night.  With a quick survey of the floor, I was satisfied that it was not in any high traffic area for the night.   I am sure it was somewhere where it can’t hurt anything and that we’ll find it later, I thought.  That happens frequently with children, you know!

 Lost and Found

After waking the next morning, I prepared my cup of coffee and opened the curtain to let the sunshine come through.  Much to my delight, there was the wooden block, sitting on the window ledge.  I chuckled to myself and left the block there for the day to remind myself of the simple joy in it.  So, Joy had obviously put the block there during her play.  Since this happened, I now try to think about the things that we MUST slow down and enjoy in life.  While some may see this as something to simply clean up or put away, I see it as a true simple joy, to celebrate.  In the process of losing and finding the wooden block, I also found a beautiful simple joy.  I challenge you today to focus on a simple joy in your life!  What was your window block today?

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