Halloween Treat Roundup – 2017!

Halloween Treat Roundup 2017
(Last Updated On: October 28, 2017)

Treats, Treats, Treats!

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We are quickly moving into the holiday season.  With this in mind, I wanted to share some awesome Halloween treat ideas with you.  Being married to a Halloween baby means we enjoy this time of year a great deal.  I am sharing some great treat ideas with you that include not only your typical sugary classics but also some great healthy alternatives so you can stay healthy (or at least feel like you are) as we move into the holiday season!

Halloween Treat Roundup 2017

Veggie Jack-O-Lantern from Momendeavors

Veggie Pumpkin Tray

This is such a cute and healthy Halloween party snack.  I am not a fan of black olives, so I would swap them for some purple pepper pieces or purple tomato chunks.  I guess you could swap them for almost anything as long as the design was still a jack-o-lantern.  I would love this with green olives!

What a great way to incorporate healthy snacks into your Halloween party!  You could make a veggie pizza shaped like a jack-o-lantern.  That would be healthy, tasty, and festive!

I may create something like this to have as a snack during October.  I would HAVE to have a bowl of hummus to go with the veggies also.  We all love hummus at our house, including our two-year-old daughter!

Dark Toffee Apples from Simply DeliciousDark Toffee Apples

These beautiful toffee apples would be a GREAT Halloween treat!  Yes, they have sugar, but the nice crisp apples are healthy!  Ha!

I love caramel apples, so these would be similar and look oh so great for Halloween.  Allowing them to cool and then wrapping them in a clear bag with some pretty Halloween ribbon would give them an extra-special look and be great for trick-or-treaters OR for your holiday party.  

I just love how dark and shiny these apples turned out.  I think they would be lovely if you used orange or even red food coloring for the toffee.

Apples have such a great sweet flavor and are a wonderful fall treat.  Paired with the candy coating, you can’t beat the flavor of these beautiful treats!

You could use almost any kind of apples to create these pretty treats.  I personally really like Granny Smith apples, so would try them first.  I also really like Yellow Delicious, Gala, and a handful of other kinds.  Pick your favorite kind of apples and create a beautiful Halloween treat with this recipe!

Halloween Golden Grahams S’mores from the 36th Avenue

Halloween Golden Graham Smores

Ok, I confess, I LOVE Golden Grahams!  When I came across these Halloween treats I could not help but share them with you.  Needless to say, that I am sure I will be getting a box of Golden Grahams soon, LOL!

Golden Grahams are delicious all by themselves, but mix them with chocolate chips, marshmallows, butter, and syrup (pronounced SEER-UP like on the movie Elf!), how can you go wrong with these treats?  The simple answer is you CAN’T!

I love the little Halloween colored candies on top to make them work with that holiday.  You could change that up to work for any holiday…Valentine’s Day, Christmas, you name it!  So, basically, what I am doing is making it ok to make these any time of the year!  Ha!

I can’t wait to try this festive and simply delightful treat for Halloween.  I hope you are able to try it soon as well.  I would love to see what festive ways you can come up with to make it a Halloween snack: candies like shown in the picture, other sprinkles, etc…

Halloween Bat Energy Bites from Chelsea’s Messy AprHalloween Bat Energy Biteson

These energy bits are ADORABLE!  I will be making these cute treats soon for sure.  How can you beat a treat this cute that is healthy too?  Oh, right, you can’t!

With the oatmeal, honey, cocoa powder, and peanut butter, these little guys are sure to be a BIG hit at your Halloween party (or just as snacks with your little one(s)!

I think they will make a great treat just to have around the house during this Halloween season.  Not to mention, these will be a great energy snack to make for my family the rest of the year as well (minus the wings and eyes).  I think I will also add some ground flax seed and some chia seed to pump up the health benefit even more!

I think I will be able to make quite a few of these and pop them into the freezer.  They should last awhile in there, plus chocolate treats are so tasty when they come out of the freezer!

What a great healthy snack to make for your friends at your Halloween party!  Plus, I am sure I can make them without the decorations and call them “cookies” to give to our two-year-old….hmmm….makes me want to look up more energy bite recipes and use them as cookies!  Yummy and healthy – WIN/WIN!

Clementine Pumpkins from Spaceships and Laserbeams

Clementine Pumpkins

I love the simplicity of these clementine pumpkins!  They are so cute and such a great healthy way to celebrate Halloween (or Thanksgiving).  If you don’t have clementines you could use small or regular oranges since pumpkins come in all different sizes.

We love oranges, so these will be a great treat to make for all of my family this holiday season.  I’ll probably have to keep a jar of peanut butter handy for the pumpkin stem though, LOL!

These would be a wonderful addition to your Halloween festivities and go great with the veggie jack-o-lantern and the toffee apples.  Combine all of these treats together and you have a pretty healthy Halloween party!

I will use these as an all-year-round treat as well (or at least when oranges/clementines are in season).  Our daughter loves oranges, so these will be a big hit with her and a cute way to get her to have her vitamin C.  I am sure she will love these cute pumpkin treats.

Not to mention how quick and simple these beauties are to make.  Really, how long does it take to peel an orange and clean a stalk of celery?!  A pretzel rod would work great as a pumpkin stem here too!

Strawberry Ghosts from Miss CandyQuikStrawberry Ghosts

I love strawberries, so these would be awesome Halloween treats for sure!  These are simple and quick to make for some cute, delicious, and healthy treats for the whole family.   Everyone in my family likes white chocolate too, so these would be a hit.

These little yummies would also be very cute for Valentine’s Day using a bit of pink food coloring in the chocolate (or keeping it white) with small candy hearts for eyes and a mouth!  Don’t you think?  Now I am really starting to get hungry.

Frankenstein Cupcakes from Designs by Megan Turnridge

These FrankensteinFrankenstein Cupcakes cupcakes are so cute!  Who doesn’t like a cupcake??  I know I do.

I may follow this recipe or I may do a couple changes to make it a more healthy cupcake by swapping the oil for applesauce or yogurt.  There are a lot of options, so if you have a recipe that you like, go with it!

I love the green ice cream cones with these, but also really like the pink ones since I know that a lot of little girls would love the pink!  I guess you could really use any color for the cone, but the green and pink are really great!

I’ve seen these made before, but I don’t recall ever making them myself.  They would be a great addition to a Halloween party or just as a sweet treat!  They are simple and fun.

Witch Hat Cookies from Princess Pinky GirlWitch Hats

Ok, I guess it is time for another confession.  I LOVE Oreos.  I can’t help it.  I don’t eat them very often, but man when I do, I can eat the whole package in a sitting if I am not careful.

My college roommate and I used to eat them with peanut butter (true story)!  If you haven’t tried them that way, I HIGHLY recommend you do if you like peanut butter.  Anyway, back to my treat roundup…

These treats couldn’t be any cuter or more simple.  They are the perfect treat for a class party or to have on hand for all of your trick-or-treaters.

I personally would use the original Oreos with the white filling, but you could go with the chocolate that Jenn uses OR go with a holiday flavor or color that Oreo has out during this time of year!  FUN!

No matter what colors or flavors you decide to use for these witch hats, they are sure to be winners at your Halloween party this year!

Candy Corn Pretzel Melts from Blessed Beyond a Doubt

Candy Corn Pretzel MeltsThere is only one word for these candy corn pretzel melts, YUM!  I have made something similar with Rolos and LOVED them.  These look and sound equally as good as the ones I’ve made.  They are so cute and festive with the candy corn on top!

If you love a sweet and salty snack, these are perfect for you.  I really like how simple they are to make too.  You could make a bunch of these and package them together for Halloween party favors or for your little trick-or-treaters (if they last that long)!  Ha!  They wouldn’t last very long in our house.

You could use any of the differently shaped pretzels for these pretties, but I really do like the squares.  I think they are cute and they are very easy to work with when you are making treats like these.

You could also use just regular kisses or any other similar candies for the chocolate on these as well.  Rolos would be great with them too!  But I really do like the white and brown stripes on these.  They do look very fall-like, so great for Halloween!

Roundup Recap

Whether you are craving a sugary sweet treat or a more healthy Halloween treat, I have come up with a pretty great list here of some options for you.  Get started planning your party or treats for trick-or-treaters now!  Please share with me if you make any of these and what you think of them.  I would love to know how they turn out and what you think of them.  Happy Halloween!

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