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A Pocketful of Seeds
(Last Updated On: December 2, 2017)

Format & Design

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Debbie Johnson’s book, A Pocketful of Seeds, is wonderfully written and designed.  The layout is simple and easy to follow. Tthe font is clear and large, making it easy for anyone to read.  The book is a great, mid-sized book.  The format is great.  It is well laid-out and the format is clear and concise throughout.

A Pocketful of Seeds Review & Giveaway

Daily Seeds

I love the way that Debbie shares her life with the reader in her Daily Seeds.  She uses clear and relevant stories to illustrate her thoughts and then shares a “Daily Seed” to ponder and act on for each day.  As I read this book, I felt like Debbie was right here with me sharing her life with me.  Her writing draws the reader in and makes them feel at home when reading her book.

I kept reading Debbie’s lovely writings, knowing that one would jump out at me to focus this review on.  It just so happens, I was correct.  As I read the story and Daily Seed for “Make a Big Difference” for July 24, I knew I had found the focus of my review of the book.  July 24 is my rainbow daughter, Joy’s birthday.  I did not notice the day for the devotion until I had already chosen to use it for the review, making it all the more special that it just so happens to be her birthday.


Make a Difference

The story and Daily Seed for July 24 is “Make a Big Difference”.  This really struck a personal chord with me as I read it.  Debbie mentions a lot of great people in this particular writing that have made/are making a big difference in this world.  She goes on to say that “Maybe you’re a stay-at-home mom and you can make a big difference…from  your kitchen…”  I happen to be a stay-at-home mom and hope and pray that I make a difference from my kitchen and every other room in my home for our daughter.

We lost our first daughter, Faith, in April 2014.  Joy, our first rainbow, was born on July 24, 2015.  I am currently pregnant with our second rainbow, a daughter, Hope Noelle.  That being said, my decision after losing our first daughter, has been to start a blog to reach out to others in the Pregnancy & Infant Child Loss community.

I have a huge heart for those who have gone through/are going through pregnancy after loss.  It is my goal to reach out to those women and families to help them get through pregnancy after loss in a joyful way.  God created us to populate the earth.  He did this in a miraculous way.  Giving life to another human being has been one of the most awesome experiences in my life.  I am honored to have carried Faith in my womb.  I am truly honored that God chose me to be her mom.

A Pocketful of SeedsMy pregnancy with Joy was pretty joyful {pun inteneded}.  But seriously, going through pregnancy after losing a precious child can be very stressful indeed.  Although that is the case, it can also be a VERY wonderful and peaceful experience.  It is my goal to share how God gives you supernatural peace during your pregnancy after loss if you let Him.

Joy truly lives daily with a pocketful of seeds.  She spreads her joy wherever she goes with everyone she meets.  In the picture above she has recently discovered dandelions.  Joy running through the dandelions exhibits Debbie’s message for July 24 in A Pocketful of Seeds perfectly.

In the picture to the right, Joy was learning about maple tree seeds.  She was fascinated by these as well.  They too are a great example of seeds that blow in the wind and are planted throughout the world.

A Pocketful of Seeds - July 24Joy was SO thrilled to see the dandelions and learn to blow the seeds in the wind.  Every time she saw a dandelion when we went outside this summer she had to go pick it to blow the seeds.  It was so precious to see her enjoying life and being excited by God’s creation.  Watching her always gives me the opportunity to see life through her eyes.  She gets so excited by learning and experiencing new things in life.

Debbie shares about how “you and I can make a big difference by blooming where we are planted.”  I love the way this works so well with dandelion seeds.  Dandelion seeds and maple tree seeds both blow in the wind to go to different parts of the world and then bloom where they eventually get planted.

I believe this is a great way to express how we can make a big difference in the world.  When we plant a daily seed in someone else’s life, that seed can then have the chance to blow in the wind of life and be planted in someone else’s life.

God-Inspired Message

Debbie goes on to tell us that “Maybe the world needs your God-inspired message.  ALL God-inspired messaged make a big difference in the world.”  This truly speaks to my heart.  I know that God wants me to share about pregnancy and child loss with others.  I know that this is also what Faith would want me to do.  If Faith’s story can save another precious child, then she did not die in vain.  Faith’s spirit and message live on through me sharing her story and educating others regarding our loss.

I am currently working on writing a pregnancy after loss package to offer to women and families.  This package will include inspiration from other women who have gone through/are going through pregnancy after loss.  It will also contain a workbook that includes studies/devotionals to help you and your family make your pregnancy after loss joyful.  There will be a list of other great resources and tools as well.

If you are interested in contributing some inspiration to my package, please email me at for more information.  I hope to have this package completed and ready for the New Year.

Along with the pregnancy after loss package, I am also currently working on an eBook that tells my story of Faith and our loss.  I pray it will be a great help for others that have experienced similar loss and let them know that they are not alone in their grief journey.  There will be some devotions/prayer suggestions in this book, but the main focus will be on Faith’s story.

July 24 Daily Seed

Debbie’s Daily Seed for this story asks me where I am planted and what message I have for the world.  Because of my experience, this is where I am planted and this is my message that I have for the world.  “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.” (St. Catherine of Siena) is the quote that Debbie uses to illustrate how we can use where we are planted to make our big difference in the world.

Where are you planted?  What God-inspired message do you have to share with the world?


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2 thoughts on “Book Review & GIVEAWAY – A Pocketful of Seeds

  1. Dawn Webb says:

    This sounds encouraging!! Be who God has made you to be! Thanks for the reminder. The Pocketful of Seeds book sounds great.

    • Hi Dawn,
      Yes, Pocketful of Seeds is a great and encouraging book for sure. My experience of losing a child has been one of the most difficult things I could have ever imagined, and yet, I am thankful to have had her for the short time that I did. I am so truly thankful that God is giving me a way to reach out to others to help them in similar situations. I pray I will be the seed He wants me to be. Thanks for your feedback! Blessings, Sara

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