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Daniel Anton
(Last Updated On: December 2, 2017)

What in the World is SEO?

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If you are anything like me, you have a LOT to learn about how to get your blog or website seen.  When I first started my blog I thought “what in the world is SEO and how in the world do I do it?”  As I am slowly learning, it is beginning to make some more sense to me, although there is a LOT to learn and it is constantly changing.

Do these questions sound like you?  If so, you are in the right place!

Let me share a little with you about Daniel Anton.  He is the SEO SaaS (Software as a Service) creator behind Backlinks Indexer, the CEO of RankCrew (the wholesale side of his SEO business), and the CEO of Crowd Search (SEO Software).

Backlinks Indexer is Born

In 2010, he was working to find a solution to an issue that he was having getting a webpage indexed by Google.  After putting in much research and work into his Google indexing issue, Daniel realized that SEO was a full-time job and that he could put his Computer Science background to good use by helping others with SEO at affordable prices.

Daniel is a retired military veteran, who served two tours in Iraq as an Infantry Airborne Army Ranger Major.  Having this as a background, he wanted to add value each day and month to the lives of people who he was helping.  Thus, Backlinks Indexer was born.

Thank goodness he had this issue, as in solving his own problem, he accidentally created a much needed and useful service.  It seems like this is often the case when we work to solve our own issues, that we are able to be helpful to others who are having the same or similar issues.  If it weren’t for people like Daniel solving their issues and sharing their information, I would have no idea what to do trying to figure out difficult things like SEO!  What about you?

Although a lot has changed since 2010 when Daniel stumbled across creating this service for others, it is still considered the best indexing software by respected names in the industry such as Zont SEO here: SEnuke Indexing Test

Daniel Grows RankCrew

Although RankCrew was created by another Internet Marketer, Jon Leger, who is known for both his products and customer support, Daniel successfully acquired the business and has grown it by offering high-quality link services at affordable rates, primarily to web designers and SEO marketing agencies who re-sell RankCrew services to their own clients.

Daniel has revolutionized RankCrew from a simple service business into a scalable operation.  Thousands of web designers and SEO specialists rely on RankCrew’s excellent service each month to get results and deliverables for their clients.  This service provides them the opportunity to focus on growth instead of fulfillment.  Creating an account on RankCrew is FREE and simple.  When you decide to add funds to your account you are given bonus money as a thank you gift for trying the service.

Crowd Search Software

Daniel used his Computer Science background yet again when he created a place where everyone with a cell phone could be a part of a network.  He has revolutionized the way on-demand traffic is controlled, focused, and consistent.  Prior to his work, these 3 factors continued to be puzzling when attempting this manually or on a large scale without software.  Daniel combined cell phones, software, and humans to get this done.

Contrary to bot networks, or offshore click farms, Crowd Search relies on users living primarily in America and Canada (highest valued organic traffic), who opt-in voluntarily into the network. Generally speaking, other fake or referral spam traffic often leaves very high bounce rates, and extremely high Click Through Rates (CTRs), but very low dwell time (time spent on page/website), a clear signal the traffic was pure manipulation.

This is extremely important to website/business owners and bloggers alike.  No one wants traffic that is not genuine.  What good does traffic alone do you when you are not holding your readers’ or audiences’ attention?  Your goal is to share valuable information or a product that your readers can benefit from.  Without genuine traffic turning into loyal readers/patrons, you are not going to have a website/business/blog for too long.  You need the REAL traffic that is generated from Daniel’s services.

The traffic flow allows Daniel’s webmasters to analyze web traffic patterns.  This way they can easily discern where your web pages’ strong and weak points (where users leave their website) appear, and create a solution through best practices based on each client’s specific issues.  Examples of these solutions could be improved content or better Calls to Action (CTAs).

Time Saver for Busy Business Owners

If you are a work-from-home parent like me, having Daniel and his team put their expertise into your business is one of the best things you could invest in your business.  I know that starting out, you may have little (or no) budget to work with, so you may have to save up to use this great service.  I do know from experience that you have to spend money to make money.  There are so many great tools to use to help build your business/blog, and Daniel’s is no exception!

Daniel’s Personal Life

Daniel AntonDaniel is a retired Infantry Airborne Army Ranger Major, who received 2 bronze stars during his 2 tours in Iraq.  In High School, he was interested in video games, Computer Science, and entrepreneurship (selling rare video games and guides online).

After retiring from the military Daniel started creating SaaS products through which he amassed over 30K active monthly subscribers through both BacklinksIndexer.com and CrowdSearch.me.   Daniel currently owns homes in multiple states and splits his time between Georgia, New Jersey, Manhattan, and Puerto Rico.

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