New Year’s Children’s Learning with TeacherSherpa

(Last Updated On: February 6, 2018)

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Start the New Year Right

As we begin a new year, I cannot help but think about new and fun things to use to help my daughter learn as she plays.  Joy LOVES to color and write, so what better way for her to learn than to find some great tools to help her learn through things she already enjoys?  Right!  Since I come from a long line of teachers, that is just my mindset, I suppose.  🙂

Searching for Good Tools

On my quest to help Joy learn new things this year, I have started searching online for some good tools to aid me in this task.  One great website I came across on my hunt is called TeacherSherpa.  While a lot of the content I have found is aimed at children older than Joy (2 1/2), I have found some things that will be great for her!  This download is a great little tool for me to use with Joy.  It is bright and she can color the pictures while we talk about the few things on the template.  Although I will have to help her some, I still really like how simple this one is to use.

New Year's Goals

The front of this template is GREAT for kids due to the fun girl on the front and how vibrant the colors are.  It helps them see how bright they can color the next page.  I like how simple it is and how it gives you a few items to discuss with your child about things they want to do in the new year.

The second page of this template is the part that your child can color and also where you can discuss with them some things they want to do in the new year.  You can get creative with this part.

New Year's Goals

The examples of goals this page give are referring to what your child wants to learn, read, and a place they would like to visit.  This gives you a HUGE variety of options to discuss things they would like to learn more about, places they are interested in visiting, and books they would like to read.  I love the versatility of many of the templates that TeacherSherpa has to offer.  I know you will too!

Access TeacherSherpa for FREE

You will have so much fun browsing the thousands of tools and templates that TeacherSherpa has available.  To gain access to downloads, simply sign up for a free account!  You can also sign up for their Premium Account for access to more if you like.  You will not be disappointed with the tools you find!  Happy New Year and Happy Educating!


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