Greek Salad

Simple Mother’s Day Fun & Greek Salad

Keeping it Simple This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more information. This year for Mother’s Day, we went to my brother’s house for a BBQ.  Getting together with family was a GREAT, fun option.  My brother made ribs on the grill.  His family also provided a great traditional salad,  One of my sisters made some delicious cheesecake.  My mom made and brought brownies.  I found a recipe for Veggie Lover’s Greek Pasta Salad and Read More

Friday Evening Fun

Friday Evening Family Fun in the Country

Friday Evening Family Fun This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more information.  We had a wonderful time this evening; certainly a Friday evening family fun time!  Owen fired up the grill to cook some chicken and we all enjoyed the lovely cool breezy evening. I got out Joy’s Crayola 24 Count Sidewalk Chalk (51-2024-E-000), which we really like, and we had a great time drawing on the concrete (and the fake deer in the Read More

The Very Beginning

The Very Beginning, A Very Good Place to Start

The Very Beginning, A Very Good Place to Start *This post may contain affiliate links.  Please read my Disclosure for more information.* Julie Andrews says it best in The Sound of Music when she says “Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start…”.  So, on that note, I am starting at the very beginning of our life together as man and wife.  It has been quite a wild ride since we have been Read More

A Faith-Shaped Hole

Thankful for Our Life in the Country

Thankful for Our Life This evening I am reflecting on today and being thankful for our life in the country.  Earlier this evening, I was thinking of Faith, when my husband and I were spending time with Joy.  We were having such a wonderful time together.  I found myself wondering about what Faith would be like if she were here today.  I miss her so much and know I will continue to do so as life goes Read More