Capture Your Grief – Day 30 – Reflection

Reflection was yesterday’s Capture Your Grief topic.  Today, I will again go question by question on this topic, since there are only a few questions and I think it’s the easiest route… Q: What is your relationship with grief like right now? A: My relationship with grief now is one of co-existence.  I don’t know how to explain it any differently than that.  I live with grief every day.  I do not WALLOW in grief, but it Read More

Capture Your Grief – Day 29 – (WHY?) What Heals You?

I really like today’s Capture Your Grief topic.  The topic is What Heals You?.  You can read the history of this topic on Carly’s site in the link above.  I have done the Whys and What Ifs many many times since Faith died.  I may still every now and then.  However, Carly’s idea of focusing her energy on What Heals You? instead is a great idea! The bottom line is I can’t change that Faith is gone.  Read More

Capture Your Grief – Day 28 – Reach Out

Reach Out is today’s Capture Your Grief topic.  This evening I was planning to go to bed a bit earlier, however, I wanted to get some work done for someone very special, so I am just wrapping up that work for this evening.   I am not going to mention what work it is that I am doing.  I will just say that I am currently working with someone on a project and needed to get some things Read More

Capture Your Grief – Day 27 – Self Portrait

Today’s Capture Your Grief topic is Self Portrait.  This is an interesting topic I think.  It forces us to search ourselves and who we are today; looking through the experience of losing our child.  Today, I am taking this topic question by question…just to change it up a bit.  Here I go! Q: Who am I now in this present moment? A: I can honestly say that I am Sara Bryant, happy wife, happy mom, happy daughter, Read More

Capture Your Grief – Day 26 – Gratitude

Gratitude is today’s Capture Your Grief topic.  This is a wonderful idea!  I am grateful for so many things!  I am grateful to be alive, to have a wonderful husband, for having 2 wonderful daughters, Faith in Heaven and Joy here with us, for a wonderful family and great friends, new ideas, new business ideas, a roof over my head, food to eat, my health, the list goes on and on… I believe Carly is very accurate Read More

Capture Your Grief – Day 25 – Earth Remembrance

Earth Remembrance, that is yesterday’s Capture Your Grief topic.  I got a day behind, so I am catching up!!  Gotta stick with it!   Last year, my husband and I planted this beautiful red hibiscus plant in our backyard in honor and memory of Faith.  It is now very tall and beautiful.  I will have to post a more recent picture of it soon, but wanted to share this picture with this particular post.  I really like this Read More

Capture Your Grief – Day 24 – Choose Your Breath

Choose Your Breath is today’s Capture Your Grief topic.  Most days I would say that I have a pretty good handle on where I am in my grief journey.  I certainly do believe that grief and healing can co-exist.  I believe I am living proof of that fact. While I don’t believe I will ever completely “heal” from losing Faith, I do believe that I am going through a healing process.  The Lord has restored so much Read More

Capture Your Grief – Day 23 – Love Letter

My darling daughter, Faith, I am taking part in the Capture Your Grief project again this year.  I miss you so very much.  Right now I am having a cup of coffee while your younger sister, Joy is sleeping.  I have so much to tell you, as I am sure you know.  Your daddy and I are doing well, though we both love and miss you so much.   The business I created in your honor, Faith Melody Read More

Capture Your Grief – Day 22 – Dreams + Rituals

Dreams + Rituals, that is today’s Capture Your Grief topic.  Do I have any dreams for my future?  The simple answer to this question is yes.  I have many dreams for my future.  I would love to see my jewelry business in honor of Faith continue to grow and grow.  I also look forward to continuing to see Joy grow and one day to tell her about her older sister, Faith. I also believe that when the Read More

Capture Your Grief – Day 21 – Sacred Space

Today’s Capture Your Grief topic is Sacred Space.  I currently have some items that remind me of Faith on top of my dresser in my bedroom.  I need to rearrange and move these items to a different place and add to them.  I now also have her beautiful urn on the dresser as well.  This picture was taken prior to getting her urn.   Along with this place, I also feel close to Faith when I write Read More