Capture Your Grief – Day 31 – Sunset

Well, today is the last day of Capture Your Grief for this year.  Of course the topic is Sunset.  I did not get a picture of a sunset here in FL, USA today, although I am sure it was very nice.   So, for my picture for today, I am using a picture I took not too long ago in this area, so it is still my picture and it is still around sunset at an area close Read More

Capture Your Greif – Day 19 – Music

Today’s Capture Your Grief topic is Music.  There have be a handful of songs that remind me of Faith since she went to Heaven. Two in particular are I Will Carry You by Selah and Homesick by Mercy Me.  While a HUGE part of my heart is certainly here with my husband, living daughter, and other family and friends.  There is a part of my heart that is with Faith.  Homesick expresses my feelings in that regard Read More

Capture Your Grief – Day 4 – Dark + Light

Today’s Capture Your Grief topic is Dark + Light.  This topic makes perfect sense to me.  I have gone through so many emotions and feelings in the time since Faith died.  Of course, during the immediate time after she passed, my life seemed only Dark.  I did not want to continue living.  Looking back, I suppose this is a natural initial response.  After some time, I began to see the Light that has come from Faith’s brief Read More

Capture Your Grief – Day 3 – In Honor

Today’s Capture Your Grief topic is In Honor.  I do so much in honor of Faith.  However, one of the main things I have done and do to honor her is my business, Faith Melody Memories.  I create each piece of jewelry myself with love in her honor.  I started making jewelry as a hobby after she went to Heaven this past April.  I decided it would be a great way to keep her memory alive to Read More

My Faith Walk Today

Today, I am reflecting on my life without Faith.  I am now a little past 14 weeks pregnant with our rainbow child.  Some days I am still not really sure how to feel about being pregnant again so soon. Although I now find myself talking to both Faith and our new baby.  I read to both of them in the morning.  I thank The Lord for both of our children.  I look forward to raising the child Read More

Capture Your Grief – Day 4 – Now

Today’s Capture Your Grief prompt is Now.  When I think about how to describe myself now, I don’t really know where to start… I think I am much more of a realist than I used to be, but I don’t think that is a bad thing.  I look at life through a totally different lense, that is for sure. I have a new love and respect for my husband than I ever had before.  It is very strange for Read More

Capture Your Grief – Day 1 – Sunrise

I have decided to take part in Capture Your Grief created by Carly Marie.  You can see more information about the project here: Capture Your Grief – October 2014.  I think this will give me a great opportunity to explore my grief, as well as share my story and experience with others going through similar grief.   This project is for the entire month of October.  I am purposing in my heart to use this wonderful opportunity for Read More

Out of Place

I am sitting on our love seat and holding my Comfort Bear from Sufficient Grace Ministries in our dining area. I enjoy sitting here frequently, as it is a very comfy place to relax.  I am thinking about my day today… This afternoon I was sitting outside.  I really enjoy looking at and watching the small lizards that run around everywhere here.  So I was enjoying the afternoon and watching a lizard.  I then had an overwhelming feeling Read More

Another Day on My Journey

Today overall has been a good day.  I have opened some moving boxes in my office (Faith’s room) and have started putting things away.  Thank goodness it seems that my Cricut and sewing machine are found and functional. I have been thinking of how I want to decorate my office and I think I may put up Faith and girly stuff to remind me of her.  I came across some beautiful bright sparkly butterflies last night and Read More