Faith Melody Memories – My “Ah Hah” Moment – Why I Do What I Do

So, I’ve decided I don’t feel like getting the work I need to do done tonight. Just one of those nights. I’ve been taking some pics of my jewelry to update my Etsy shop with and was thinking about why I make jewelry. As I was taking some pictures, I tried on a couple pairs of earrings (one was a pair of freshwater pearls like you have Jen Anderson).  When I tried them on I went over Read More

Capture Your Grief – Day 16 – Creative Grief

 Creative Grief is today’s Capture Your Grief topic.  This topic really hits home for me.  After we lost Faith I started making jewelry as a hobby.  I have always enjoyed crafty things, but for some reason, just happened to really throw myself into making jewelry at that time.  I decided to start my jewelry business, Faith Melody Memories, not too long after that.  It is something that has given me such a great creative outlet since Faith Read More

Capture Your Grief 2015 – Day 2 – Intention

I do my best to have good intentions.  However, I recently have started focusing on my actions that are following through with those intentions.  I think having good intentions are a great start to getting something good done, but I must follow-through.  Life on this earth is so short.  Before you know it, seconds turn into minutes, minutes to hours, hours to days, days to years and you still haven’t DONE anything besides have good intentions.  I Read More

Capture Your Grief 2015 – Day 1 – Sunrise

 As I begin my Capture Your Grief journey for this year, I am reflecting on life.  But not just any life, the life of our daughter, Faith.  While her life was brief, it has had one of the most profound impacts on my life. So many people have had a great impact on me and have contributed to the person I am today.  Faith is one of those people, perhaps one of the most important… I did Read More

Remembering & Celebrating – 1 Year of Blogging

One year ago today I started this blog to honor Faith Melody Bryant.  I cannot believe it has been a year already.  In the past year, I have felt emotions I never knew I could feel.  My love and relationship have both grown for Faith in ways I never could have expected possible.  I love and miss her so very much, but I take some comfort in knowing that I will be with her again… In the Read More

Faith Melody Memories – Seeking Bloggers

After Faith went to Heaven, I started creating jewelry as a hobby.  I created some pieces that her hand and foot prints in her honor so I can wear them.  I decided I wanted to create these types of items for others.  I recently decided I also want to add my other creations to my shop, as I started making jewelry in Faith’s honor.  Truly, each piece I create is special to me and is made with Read More

Capture Your Grief – Day 30 – Intention

I am glad that INTENTION is today’s Capture Your Grief prompt.  I have a lot of new intentions in life now that Faith has gone to Heaven.  One is simply living life to the fullest and loving people as much as I can. But when I get down to the nitty gritty of what my intentions are now in life, I know that the truth is that my intention now is to educate people about stillbirth and infant loss, Read More

Capture Your Grief – Day 26 – Healing Ritual

Healing Ritual is today’s Capture Your Grief prompt. It seems that I have actually started or gotten back into doing quite a few things that are “healing” for me since Faith died.  Of the handful of these things, this evening I’ll be focusing on making jewelry and beading. I have really been enjoying creating new jewelry pieces with beads and wire lately.  It is very relaxing for me and lets me use my creativity for something different.  Also, most Read More

Capture Your Grief – Day 18 – Give

Give is today’s Capture Your Grief prompt.  I think I have always been a giver.  I really enjoy blessing other people and it brings me happiness. I know I feel loved and blessed when people bless me with their love, time, etc.   Today, I choose to bless my husband with my love and time.  Ok, I try to do this all the time, but today, I am focusing on this topic for my blog, so that is what Read More

Capture Your Grief – Day 15 – Community / 6 Month Remembrance

Community is today’s Capture Your Grief prompt.  First, let me say how blessed I feel to be a part of this “community”.  I know that none of us ever wanted to, nor do we truly want to be a member of this group.  However, we are all now part of this community of parents who have lost a child/children.  We cannot change what has happened, but we can spread this Wave of Light around the world in honor of Read More