Faith Melody Memories – My “Ah Hah” Moment – Why I Do What I Do

So, I’ve decided I don’t feel like getting the work I need to do done tonight. Just one of those nights. I’ve been taking some pics of my jewelry to update my Etsy shop with and was thinking about why I make jewelry. As I was taking some pictures, I tried on a couple pairs of earrings (one was a pair of freshwater pearls like you have Jen Anderson).  When I tried them on I went over Read More

Capture Your Grief – Day 29 – (WHY?) What Heals You?

I really like today’s Capture Your Grief topic.  The topic is What Heals You?.  You can read the history of this topic on Carly’s site in the link above.  I have done the Whys and What Ifs many many times since Faith died.  I may still every now and then.  However, Carly’s idea of focusing her energy on What Heals You? instead is a great idea! The bottom line is I can’t change that Faith is gone.  Read More