Life Goes on Today without Faith

Life Goes On Life goes on today without Faith.  Even though this is the case, life today without Faith, was a very good day.  We went shopping and got some things we needed.  Then we came home and my husband made some wonderful vegetable soup.  We had a great time playing with Joy.  I also did some laundry (this just reminded me that it needed to go in the dryer!). Work So, now I am trying to Read More

Capture Your Grief – Day 31 – Sunset

Well, today is the last day of Capture Your Grief for this year.  Of course the topic is Sunset.  I did not get a picture of a sunset here in FL, USA today, although I am sure it was very nice.   So, for my picture for today, I am using a picture I took not too long ago in this area, so it is still my picture and it is still around sunset at an area close Read More

Capture Your Grief – Day 23 – Love Letter

My darling daughter, Faith, I am taking part in the Capture Your Grief project again this year.  I miss you so very much.  Right now I am having a cup of coffee while your younger sister, Joy is sleeping.  I have so much to tell you, as I am sure you know.  Your daddy and I are doing well, though we both love and miss you so much.   The business I created in your honor, Faith Melody Read More

Capture Your Grief – Day 22 – Dreams + Rituals

Dreams + Rituals, that is today’s Capture Your Grief topic.  Do I have any dreams for my future?  The simple answer to this question is yes.  I have many dreams for my future.  I would love to see my jewelry business in honor of Faith continue to grow and grow.  I also look forward to continuing to see Joy grow and one day to tell her about her older sister, Faith. I also believe that when the Read More

Capture Your Greif – Day 19 – Music

Today’s Capture Your Grief topic is Music.  There have be a handful of songs that remind me of Faith since she went to Heaven. Two in particular are I Will Carry You by Selah and Homesick by Mercy Me.  While a HUGE part of my heart is certainly here with my husband, living daughter, and other family and friends.  There is a part of my heart that is with Faith.  Homesick expresses my feelings in that regard Read More

Capture Your Grief – Day 12 – Normalizing Grief

Normalizing Grief…that is today’s Capture Your Grief topic.  As I take a look at my grief journey, I suppose the thing that I look at as “strange” is that I slept with the teddy bear that was with Faith in the hospital for the entire year after she died.  I still find enormous comfort in holding this bear, although I no longer sleep with it every night.  It is strange to me that I slept with it Read More

Capture Your Grief – Day 10 – Words

Words are the topic of today’s Capture Your Grief project.  There are no words to express how much I love and miss Faith.  As soon as I read the topic for today, I immediately knew how I would do my blog post for today.  I haven’t written in my Faith journal since her birthday and this gave me the perfect opportunity to do so.  I will be writing more often to her and will also be writing Read More

Reflections of Mother’s Day

I had a very good Mother’s Day this year. My parents were visiting, so I was blessed to be able to share Mother’s Day with my mother.  It was very nice.  My wonderful husband gave me a very special card, beautiful roses and a very beautiful charm with Faith’s name and birthday for one of my charm bracelets.   I am so excited to be pregnant with Joy, so it was very nice to celebrate Mother’s Day Read More

Happy First Birthday in Heaven Faith

Happy First Birthday Faith Happy first birthday Faith.  I had a difficult day, off and on.  Yesterday morning (since it is after midnight now), I woke up and went to go get Faith some balloons.  I suppose I really got them for me since I am the one who really needed them to celebrate her birthday.  Then I needed to go to the grocery store to get a few items.  After that, I headed back home and Read More

Thinking of Faith Today…

I had a pretty good day overall.  Really the only thing I had scheduled for myself was to run a couple errands. I had a few things I needed to pick up for Faith’s birthday cake.  I found the items I was looking for, and of course so many more cute things. When looking at all the selections at Party City, I had a difficult time holding back my tears as I looked at all the cute Read More