Missing Faith

As we draw near to Joy’s first birthday, I have been thinking about and missing Faith.  I cannot help but miss her and think of what she may be like today.  She would be 2 years and 3 months old now.  I know she is a wonderful big sister and she would be a great one here if she were here.   We moved in June to IL to be close to my family with a lot of Read More

What’ll I Do?

As with many times lately, in the evening, yesterday, I turned on the Golden Girls (surprise to anyone who knows me, right?).  I frequently put the Golden Girls on and make jewelry or relax of an evening. On one of the Golden Girls episodes, Dorothy sings a song called What’ll I Do by Irvin Berlin.  It really touched me and made me think of Faith.  I just sat and cried and missed my baby girl.  I know Read More