How Being a Mommy of Two makes me a better Parent of One

As I was playing with Joy the other day and as Faith’s second birthday approaches, I was thinking of the person I have become since Faith died.  I can speculate all day about the type of parent I would have been if they both were here, but that is not the case.  At the end of the day, I miss Faith so very much.  But I know in my heart that having her for the short time Read More

Capture Your Grief – Day 17 – Secondary Losses

Yesterday’s Capture Your Grief topic is Secondary Losses.  I can honestly say that I believe the secondary loss I had when Faith died was her life as a whole.  In this I include her relationship, her love, seeing her “firsts”, watching her grow, seeing her walk, talk, drive, graduate, marry, have children of her own, etc… I guess there are countless secondary losses I feel when describing losing Faith.  When you think of what a person’s life Read More

Almost March…Missing Faith…

Earlier today, as I was texting some of my family and friends a 17 week picture of myself, I very unexpectedly broke down as I started thinking of Faith.  I realized that a year ago I was about this far along with her and we are quickly approaching her first birthday.   I got out Faith’s baby book and looked at her pictures, which, also, unexpectedly, brought me peace. I cried for quite a bit, missing her Read More

Baking with Faith

Today I have spent quite a bit of time in the kitchen doing some baking.  I made a turkey breast pot pie for us for dinner.  It turned out very well.   After that, I started putting together sugar cookie dough.  This recipe is one of my favorites for sugar cookies.  It has sour cream, so they have a soft tangy taste. I miss Faith a lot today, but I know as I am baking and enjoying Read More

Missing Faith

We are still on our trip. I don’t know too much to say today except that I miss Faith very much.  I miss her more at certain times than at others. I guess that’s “normal”. Every time I see a baby (or young girl), when I pass a shop with baby items, when I see others playing with their child/children…I miss Faith.  I do have a relationship with her, although it’s not the “traditional” mother-daughter relationship. I Read More