Welcome to Polkadots & Plaid!


Welcome to Polkadots & Plaid!  This is my blog about our simple country life.  I look forward to sharing a lot of fun things about our life with you.  While I will share the following things, I am open to other ideas.  Please let me know if there is a topic you are interested in hearing about from my perspective.

  1. Recipes that I have found and loved (and edited) or ones that I have created
  2. Arts and crafts with Joy & Hope (or just with me)
  3. Organizing tips (that I need to practice – this will give me a good excuse to start organizing more!
  4. Family events (reunions, holidays, birthdays, afternoon/evening grilling sessions etc…)
  5. Money saving/making tips (which I REALLY need to work on!)
  6. Shopping (which I love)
  7. Vacations and other travel
  8. Gardening
  9. Book Reviews
  10. Pregnancy and infant child loss
  11. Pregnancy after loss
  12. and much more!

On a Bus in ArgentinaSlow Down

In all of the chaos of today’s society, it is important to remember to slow down, breathe, and just enjoy the simple things in life.  Since these things are often free and often the most rewarding, they need to be priorities.  Consequently, it can be easy to get caught up in the “things” of life instead of enjoying the people in your life.  Like I say, it is nice to have nice things, as long as you have them and they don’t have you!

First thing, when you wake up tomorrow morning, look out your window, and enjoy the view.  It could be the shade tree by your house, the field across the way, a beautiful old building, the ocean, the mountains, etc…  Since no matter where you are, there is something to appreciate for its natural beauty, doing this will help you to remember to be thankful.


While you are appreciating your view, take a few deep breaths, sip your freshly brewed coffee, and enjoy the peace and quiet of the morning before you start your day.  As a result, you won’t just rush into the day without taking the time to be thankful.  If you pray and read The Bible, do that, if you meditate, do that, if you just think to yourself, do that.  Whatever calms you and reminds you that you are blessed to be alive, do it.  It is important to regain your focus and get your peace before you do whatever it is you need to do for the day.

Simple Joys

I have been trying to look for the simple joys in life.  This has been easy to do lately, as Joy brings so much joy into my life.  Almost everything she does creates some simple joy.  Whether it is playing in the dirt, reading a book, telling us about the moon, stars, birds, or choo-choo trains, she is just a pure joy.  Life is too short not to slow down and breathe in the simple joys.  I encourage you to find the simple joys in your life and share them with others in your life.  I would love to hear about the simple joys in your life!

Christmas 2015About Us

Hi!  I am Sara.  Welcome to my blog, Polkadots & Plaid.  This is where I share a little bit about our simple country life.  I am a stay-at-home wife to Owen and mom to Joy (and Faith in Heaven).  We live in the country where I grew up in small-town IL.  In my blog, I look forward to sharing our simple country life with you.  Our simple country life includes many wonderful things that we enjoy and I know you will too.


Our Simple Country Life – Things We LoveCooking out

We love being outside together enjoying the wide open spaces, beautiful green trees and grass, fields, and blue skies of the country.  Traveling is another thing that we really enjoy that I will be sharing about.  Recently I planted a small garden in front of our house that I will be sharing with you as it grows and produces food for us.  I have loved arts and crafts for a long time, so will be sharing some of those with you (some with me and Joy and some just with me).  Reading The Bible, Bible study, prayer, and singing praise and worship music are also things that I love doing, so I will also be sharing all of those things with you.  Owen and I both love a great cup of Starbucks, so I am sure you will see us enjoying some in our travels and in our everyday life!



Family is very important in our life, which is a true blessing.  Joy and Hope have 8 first cousins that live near us here in IL and 2 first cousins that live farther away, one in TX and one in GA.  Joy’s grandma and grandpa on my side live about a mile from us.  Her grandma on Owen’s side lives in NM and loves visiting!  Joy and Hope have a handful of aunts and uncles near us and also farther away.

Welcome Again – See You Soon

Finally, be sure to subscribe to Polkadots & Plaid to receive notifications of available tools and catch the latest news with us!  Sit back, grab your favorite mug of coffee (which I am currently doing), relax, and enjoy!  Welcome, again, and please drop by again soon.  I’d love to hear from you!

6th AnniversaryCopyright

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